Globetrotting in Luxury: A 12-Day private jet tour of europe

Exploring the world is an exciting way to make important discoveries and immerse oneself in a new culture. Exquisite food and top-tier activities may be among a traveler’s delights, but planning an itinerary may be a stressful task. To take the worry out of selecting travel lodgings, Red Savannah has collaborated with Embraer to create a private jet tour of Europe for people with a more refined taste in overseas travel.

The 12-day journey begins in London, near the city’s well-known Wellington Arch. The tour continues with a cocktail reception in the famed church, Chiesa del Santissimo Salvatore, in Sicily. Moreover, on Santorini, there are excursions to the islands of Sikinos and Ios. In Dubrovnik, unwind on Sipan island and dine directly on the old fortifications. Lastly, in Venice, learn about the history of the secret gardens and enjoy a final masked dinner at The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection property.

Mosimann, a London members-only eating club, will serve excellent nibbles in flight to make the travel between stays even more enjoyable. Visitors will dine on famed chef Anton Mosimann’s distinctive dishes while flying above the city.

Embraer’s commercial aviation reputation makes it a logical choice for the tour. The ERJ135 is a favorite among the company’s world-class jets, offering great performance, fast speed, and excellent range capacity. The compact but powerful plane boasts amazing specs and seats roughly 30 people, making it ideal for private or elite gatherings like this one.

Red Savannah, a luxury booking agency, has received numerous awards and distinctions, including Travel + Leisure’s A-list in 2019 and Conde Naste’s Best Travel Experts in 2022. Red Savannah wants to make guests feel completely immersed in their adventure. The compact 15-person private jet tour offers an intimate atmosphere for creating deeper relationships and enjoyable memories to last a lifetime, which is exactly what the creators of the tour intended.

The extravagant holiday costs $139,500 per person and includes all private jet flights, 5-star lodgings, most restaurants, cocktail parties, and sightseeing. A donation to the Rainforest Trust, a non-profit organization based in the United States, is included in the price. The first excursion is scheduled for September 12.

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