Future of First Class: A Novel Design That Brings Home Comforts to the Air


Any luxurious in-flight experience is enhanced when it makes us long for home. Although foot room and a comfortable seat are essential requirements, flight designers have discovered that there is more to offer than these expected business class items. Why not switch out the tiny monitor for a family-style LCD flat screen given how uncomfortable long flights can be? A concept has already been created by London-based design studio Acumen for individuals with more refined tastes in all things flying. With the freshly disclosed details below, feel free to use your imagination.


Technologically sound in every way, The First Place has met the mark. The armchair is equipped with noise-canceling tech for a smoother and more seamless experience. The chaise has temperature control while the table has induction power charging for your laptop or phone, so you’ll have peace of mind that your favorites won’t be neglected. All of these rather complex features are easily accessible from the included touch-screen tablet.

The thoughtfully-designed storage solution is somewhat similar to your conveniences at home. The bedside table opens to reveal a leather-lined interior for storing reading material, tech, or toiletries. The table for two has a marbled effect and can be used for delectable bites or simple sips while partaking in intimate conversations.


This type of in-flight venture isn’t new for Acumen. The brand launched the world’s first ‘flying bed’ in 1995 for British Airways. Although we’re impressed by these never-before-seen accommodations, it’s evident that Acumen knows a thing or two about creating the right atmosphere at high altitude. It proves we’re one step closer to feeling at home in the sky.

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