For the 11th consecutive year, Embraer's Phenom has been the world's best-selling light jet.


According to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), the Embraer Phenom 300 has been the best-selling light jet for the past 11 years. Its sleek design is at the forefront of the private jet market in terms of performance, comfort, and technology. Being one of the fastest and most extended ranges in the short jet segment, with leading range avionics and a sleek but luxurious in-flight experience.

Embraer delivered 59 Phenom 300s in 2022, bringing the total number of aircraft delivered to over 700 since its inception. The Phenom 300 is now in operation in 36 countries worldwide, accumulating approximately 180,000 flight hours. The aircraft has a lower operating cost than its competitors, with a cruise speed of 464 knots and a range of up to 2,010 nautical miles (3,724km).


High standards of excellence

The Phenom 300 sets a standard of excellence unparalleled in the market, being the longest-range single-pilot jet, which has the ability to reach top speeds of Mach 0.80. President and CEO of Emrbaer Executive Jets, Michael Amalfiano, commented on the aircrafts outstanding demand and performance:

Space for nine

The twin-engine aircraft can carry up to nine passengers and two crew members. The ability for the aircraft to be operated by a single pilot increases passenger capacity to ten. It has its own air stair, as well as lighting and handrails. Seats are ergonomically designed and flexible, with up to five different layouts available for the discerning passenger. The seats are paired with a fold-away flush table, and there are large windows to enjoy the view below.


For passengers who want to stay connected, the aircraft can be outfitted with WiFi and Lufthansa Technik technology, which is linked to various screens or devices via Bluetooth. The luggage compartment can also hold up to 66 cubic feet, providing plenty of space when traveling.

Capturing the business jet market

The Phenom 300 has dominated the business jet market since 2013. The aircraft type reached its peak in 2014, with 73 delivered. Embraer has consistently delivered more than 50 per year since then. With four variants available, the type remains a class leader, as shown below:

Phenomenon 300

Since 2009, the original type and design, EMB-505, has been manufactured.


300E Phenomenon

The upgrades, which were introduced in 2018, included a newly redesigned interior and avionics suite.


Phenom 300E 2020

Further improvements will be made in 2020, with PW535E1 engines increasing engine thrust to 3,478 lbf and increasing maximum speed from Mach 0.78 to 0.80. This includes the implementation of an Embraer-developed runway overrun awareness system (ROASS).


Phenom 300MED 2020


A medevac configuration will be available on the market in August 2020. This modifies the interior of the 2020 Phenom 300E to make it suitable for medical transportation.



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