Dassault Aviation has been associated with a love of innovation since 1916. Dassault currently manufactures the most cutting-edge business and military aircraft available. Dassault aircraft are the pinnacle of innovation, with models ranging from the futuristic Rafale fighter to the venerable Falcon business jets. Falcon aircraft are well-known worldwide and were created and manufactured in France and the United States.   The legendary Dassault fighter jets are built to withstand nine times the force of gravity while flying at twice the speed of sound. In the fiercely competitive world of business, falcons are symbols of excellence. There is a Falcon for every mission, each one built for performance, agility, and productivity. Any Falcon model you choose has the agility to get you into and out of tight spaces where other aircraft can only fly over. Access to steep approach airports, like London City or Lugano, Switzerland, is ensured by innovations specific to Falcons. even outlying, difficult airfields with drawbacks like heat or high altitude. Falcon performance is characterized by steady, smooth approaches to short runways. The Falcon is more than just a vehicle. You can conduct international business there or just unwind there. Keep in touch with your local partners and clients. Or hold confidential high-level meetings in almost perfect silence. For maximum productivity, the newest Falcon cabin management and entertainment systems are simple to use and intuitive. Everything is designed to increase your comfort and productivity. Flexible designs offer essentially endless possibilities. Everything is designed to ensure your comfort, even on lengthy, overnight flights, from full-scale galleys with plenty of storage, refrigeration, and meal preparation capabilities to pullout beds or a master suite complete with shower option. The industry’s best cabin environment technologies come from Dassault. The quietest cabins in the market were built thanks to extensive expertise in sound reduction techniques. Altitude, temperature control, and clean air are ideal. With more window area and less space between windows than competing aircraft, the cabin is flooded with natural light, allowing for true panoramic views.    

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