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Vebudo Elite sells both new and used jets. Jets enable individuals and businesses to travel longer distances and at a faster rate than any other mode of transportation. You can fly whenever and wherever you want. They fly higher than traditional planes, allowing for more comfortable rides.
A private jet is no longer a luxury afforded only by the wealthiest corporations. In fact, the majority of private jet passengers are middle management. You are not required to travel to a congested airport and wait for security or delayed flights. You won’t have to worry about misplaced luggage either. You will have complete privacy for your business executives or family members during the flight. You can also visit multiple locations in a single day, which commercial travel does not allow.
If you travel 350 to 400 hours per year, you should seriously consider purchasing a personal jet. Lower than that, perhaps partial ownership is a better option.
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900 DX easy (2005)

BBJ 19 (2002)

BBJ 19 (2014)

BBJ 19 (2014)

G650ER (2017)

Legacy 650E (2017)

Lineage 1000E (2018)

Luxury and comfort at your service. Unique and attractive travel bundles with carefully focused and chosen locations and customized services according to our customers.